ℭastiel; an angel of the lord, a warrior of God-- a soldier. I served Heaven, but I rebelled after realizing that I began to have doubts. Concerns overcame me until it was nearly impossible to fathom-- and I did it all for one unimportant hairless ape.
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Looking For Air || Closed || castielthesaint


Air. She needed air.

Pulling up from the depths of death was not the easiest thing for the demon. There was a rushing sound around her as the twisted black soul found its way to the last piece of meat it had possessed.


She tried to pull breath into the lungs which had so long been still. She got a mouthful of dirt for her troubles. Coughing and spluttering, her hands reached upwards into the earth, trying to find someway to escape the dirt prison.

It did not take long for her to reach the surface. Her burial had been more of an unceremonious throw of an unknown body into a shallow hole. Why should it be anything else? No one knew her. No family, no friends, no lovers. No one to mourn the passage of the body. So they had simply dumped her off.

But now it was refilled with the smokey nebula of demonic essence. Even though the gulps of breath were mostly unnecessary due to the hell smoke sustaining the fragile human body, it still felt good to feel the burn of oxygen in her chest. Her? Yes, her.

Meg. That was her name, the one she had stolen. She was Meg, a demon. She had been in Purgatory. But now she was alive again. She had somehow been pulled from the depths of the monster infested world to struggle along in this one. For what purpose?


Meg stared at the blue expanse of the sky, still looking for air to breathe. She was alive. But why?

                              Something drew him here.
                              The celestial being did not
                              have a clue as to what it was,
                              but there was defineitly something
                              peculiar about this location.
                              Out of all places, why had he
                              the urge to come here?

    He could sense a particular foul
    demon aura, but that did not explain
    why he felt compelled to be here.

                    His vessel’s hands gripped the dirt
                    and as he stood, the soil slipped
                    from between his fingers, finding
                    it’s original resting place.

                                              And then he moved over to a
                                              tree, the pads of his fingertips
                                              glided across the bark as though
                                              he were drinking up all those
                                              years that the tree took for it
                                              to grow to the height that it was.


                            —this was not right,
                               the calculations were off.
                               something was amiss,
                               though he could not place what.


; - independent account for supernatural’s castiel.
; - used to be active here, but i’m back.
; - have literally no one to write with at the moment.
; - mun is 18+.
; - been writing since i was young, rping for several years.
; - not completely caught up with s9.
; - multi-verse, multi-ship, you know the drill.
; - semi-selective, but willing to write with a lot of people.
; - au and oc friendly.

Who sees the flaws in you most easily? It’s you. Because you’re “with” yourself every moment of the day, you can see it the most easily.
{Two months since your last post and I still miss you and your Cas every day.}

{ I completely z o n e d regarding this account, but not gonna lie, you’ve totally made me want to bring him back to life. I’d have to watch the latest season of Supernatural before I could really get back into character though. Anyhow, I miss you a whole lot babe. }

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